of commercial and business accounts in Instagram

Multifunctional service Instaps allows attracting customers and target audience from Instagram. The total control of your account.


A real promotion

for a target audience

Use the most recent opportunities of Instaps for an attraction of live audience. Inspaps also allows making touches with potential customers and subscribers.

The messaging

in the Direct

  • The most useful tool of 2017
  • Automated messaging in Direct
  • Messaging fro all your subscribers
  • Autoresponder for new subscribers
  • Messaging for your targeted list of contacts

More than 4000 messages from 1 account by month.


«It is not a spam messaging»


Posting in Instagram

Plan your posts and save time with the function “Postponed Posting.” You need only one hour to create a monthly plan with dozens of posts.


+ Postponed Posting

15 $ 30 days/1 account

Promotion by competitors, geolocation, hashtags, and your targets. The rate includes the function of postponed posting.

Messaging in Direct

в Direct

19 $ 30 days/1 account

Messaging for all your subscribers. Autoresponder in Direct. Messaging by your target list. An increase of loyalty for your account up to 60%.

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